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PA School’s Mental Wellness Initative

The PA School’s Mental Wellness Initiative is the most comprehensive education program to address mental wellness in our school districts.

The Initiative is a collaboration between two organizations to invest in the mental acuity of students, school staff, and the community. Each organization focuses on their particular expertise, allowing a higher quality of content in each aspect of the program. The Initiative is offered a la carte, so school districts can work with us to provide an experience that is meaningful to you.

Powered by Roberto™

MyBrain365 is a program that engages students throughout the school year and beyond in the practice of monitoring their brain health. At the end of a “Happy Life” assembly or classroom instruction students are introduced to the Roberto App and will be shown how to measure their brain performance using a cell phone or tablet– in about 6 minutes. Each student will create his or her own unique Brain Performance Profile and then will routinely use the app to monitor how their brain is performing in light of the many factors that can impact their brain health and their mental wellness.

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training (YMHFA)

This training is for adults helping youth ages 11 to 18. The class is for professional, para professionals, support staff,and administrators of the district. Participants are Nationally Certified for 3 years as a Mental Health First Aider. YMHFA is listed on the U.S.Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) National Registry of Evidence-based programs and Practices; and, it is included in The Violence Prevention Report required by the government or agencies in many states.

Student Education

The student education, titled A Healthy Mind, is an assembly or classroom-style instruction for one grade level. Students learn about mental health issues, identifying signs and symptoms in themselves and in their friends, and how to access help resources both in the school and in the community.

Community Mental Health Fair

This Mental Health Fair brings together service providers and other resources that are available in the school community to help and support students, parents, and staff members when there are questions or needs. The Fair can be presented internally to the school students, faculty and staff; or, it can be provided as a community event.

Flexibility: We work with the school districts to create a program that fits your schedule.

Affordable: We work in conjunction with the school district and local granting foundations to obtain funding to minimize the cost to the school. Often times we are able to provide our full initiative at a very reduced rate, or even free!

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